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Expert Fireplace & Wood Stove Installation Services for Your Home in the Metro East

For over three decades, our technicians at Home & Leisure Lifestyles have been working with clients in the Metro East area with hearth installation services for their homes. We  install everything from wood-burning fireplaces to gas log stoves and pellet stoves in the comfort of your home. Whether you are looking to install a contained fire source in your home completely for aesthetic purposes or to provide a constant heat source in the winter, we are the perfect choice for any job, big or small. Have total peace of mind when you choose one of our fireplaces or stoves for your home. We guarantee a quick and efficient installation service of the heater of your choice. Give us a call today at (618) 651-0358!

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Nothing screams a cozy home like a beautiful brick fireplace in your living room. Whether you have a current fireplace that you are trying to upgrade or you are looking to install one in your home before the winter, you’ve come to the right place! Our technicians at Home & Leisure Lifestyles in the Metro East have been installing a variety of fireplace styles and sizes in homes for over 18 years. With a multitude of design options and customizations to choose from, you can rely on our team to help you pick the perfect fireplace for you and your family. Not only do our fireplaces give your home a higher resale value, but they also help cut heating energy costs, are much better for the environment, and help you spend much less on yearly fuel costs. Invest in our fireplace installation services today!

Wood Stoves

Whether you are looking to replace your current wood stove or install one in your home to keep you warm this winter, Home & Leisure Lifestyles is here to help you choose the perfect wood stove for your home in the Metro East. Not only do wood stoves help to reduce pollution and harmful gasses usually produced by furnaces, but they can help you save on overall heating expenses. Our team offers a variety of wood stove sizes and shapes for you to choose from so that you can pick the perfect stove to fit your home’s aesthetic and heating needs. Our wood stove installation experts replace any fire-containing structures in your home, give us a call today for a free estimate on your next installation service.

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Gas Log Stoves

While traditional wood-burning stoves and fireplaces are gorgeous and add a variety of benefits to your home, they are also extremely time-consuming. Thankfully, our specialists at Home & Leisure Lifestyles in the Metro East have the perfect option for when you want a fireplace without all the hassle. Our gas log stoves save homeowners time and money on constant maintenance and cleaning services, are eco-friendly, and are much safer than a traditional wood-burning fireplace. On top of that, there are much more custom options available if you do not find a style a works for your home, making our gas log stoves a much better long-term option. Get ahold of our technicians today at (618) 651-0358 for your next gas log stove installation service.

Pellet Stoves

A pellet stove is similar to a wood-burning stove, but instead of it burning logs of firewood, it is burning hardwood pellets that are compressed and less than an inch long. These pellets are made of extremely flammable materials such as sawdust and wood waste that would usually be left by major companies to rot. Once the pellets are inserted, the stove uses an electric energy source to heat the chamber and produce the smell of burning wood, while not having to deal with any soot or firewood. Our pellet stoves are extremely energy-efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable for the environment. If you are interested in having a pellet stove installed in your home in the Metro East, contact our experts at Home & Leisure Lifestyles today for a free estimate.

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