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Home & Leisure Lifestyles has been the go-to company in Monroe County, and the surrounding regions for chimney cleaning and fireplace installation services since 2003. White Mountain Hearth, Blaze King, Regency Fireplace Products, and Vermont Casting are just a few of the excellent brands we offer, making us one of the few authorized dealers in your local area! Our professionals specialize in cleaning and repairing chimneys, wood stoves, pellet stoves, and even classic gas log stoves, as well as conducting thorough chimney inspections. Whether your chimney has a buildup of material on the interior of the chamber or has been leaking water due to severe storms, our experts are ready to clean and repair your chimney at your earliest convenience.

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Services we offer

Our staff is dedicated to providing prompt and dependable chimney services to keep your home clean and safe for decades. See for yourself why we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We offer the following chimney and fireplace services:

chimney cleaning company monroe county illinois

Chimney Cleaning in Monroe county Illinois

Home & Leisure Lifestyles in Monroe County is here to help you maintain your residential or commercial chimney to have it running its best during the brutal winter months. Our annual chimney inspections and cleanings are essential to keep your fireplace operating efficiently as well as increasing the safety of your home. Our cleaning services will not only remove hazardous material from your chimney, such as creosote, but they will also maintain your chimney healthy and in working order for decades! Regardless of the size or severity of the work, our experts use contemporary dust control techniques and professional technology to ensure a clean, completed result. We are dedicated to delivering quick, responsive, and dependable service to all of our clients; contact our staff now at (618) 651-0358, and let us restore the appearance and function of your chimney!

Duct Cleaning in Monroe County Illinois

Have you noticed that the air duct systems in your residential or commercial property are becoming inefficient? This may be due to a buildup of dust and debris in your vents, which prevents air from flowing into your property. When this occurs, you can count on Monroe County’s experienced air duct and dryer vent experts at Home & Leisure Lifestyles. We have over 18 years of expertise in preventing fires caused by blocked air vents, so contact us now for a pre-inspection to assess the severity of your vent cleaning work. We’ll perform a final check after we’ve cleaned the interior of your vents using cutting-edge equipment to ensure they’re immaculate before we depart. Contact our team now to arrange your first air duct cleaning service to guarantee the health and safety of your ventilation system.

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Fireplace in Monroe County Illinois

In the winter, nothing beats the warmth of a solid brick fireplace to keep you and your family warm. You can rely on our professionals at Home & Leisure Lifestyles to repair your damaged furnace with a more contemporary one or to install one in your living space! We’ve installed and maintained fireplaces in homes and businesses throughout Monroe County, and the surrounding regions for years. Our fireplace experts will assist you in selecting the ideal form, size, and type of fireplace to complement your family home while staying within your budget. Our name-brand fireplaces not only assist to enhance the value of your home but also offer a soothing ambiance that a powerful furnace can’t match. Our fireplaces are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and the ideal way to update the appearance and feel of your home. For a free estimate, give us a call today!

Wood Stoves in Monroe County Illinois

Home & Leisure Lifestyles, with over 18 years of expertise helping Monroe County homeowners with excellent stove and fireplace installation choices, is here to make sure you have the right wood stove for your home. Not only do our wood stoves decrease pollution and save money on your monthly energy bill, but they also come in a range of sizes and designs to fit every homeowner’s taste and choice. When it comes to assisting you in finding a wood stove, we consider the heating needs necessary to keep your whole house comfortable. Give our team a call now at (618) 651-0358 for a free quote on your wood stove installation service, and we’ll perform an inspection to identify the ideal location for your new fireplace system. Today, put your trust in our experts for excellent wood stove installation services!

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Gas Log Stoves in monroe county Illinois

While conventional wood-burning stoves are the pinnacle of a warm house, our gas log stoves are ideal for homeowners and business owners who don’t want to bother with soot or regular upkeep. Gas log stoves not only save you time and money by providing a separate, more regulated heat source, but they are also safer and simpler to maintain than conventional wood-burning stoves. When you’re searching for a dependable and inexpensive fireplace option for your home, Home & Leisure Lifestyles in Monroe County offers a selection of gas log stoves to choose from. When you invest in one of our gas log stoves, you can avoid the mess and opt for a more long-term solution. Call our experts at (618) 651-0358 now to arrange your fireplace installation service.

Pellet Stoves in Monroe County Illinois

Pellet stoves resemble wood stoves in appearance, but they produce heat in a variety of ways that make them distinctive and appealing to our residential and commercial clients. Pellet stoves utilize compressed wood pellets produced of wood waste and sawdust to create heat, while traditional wood stoves use logs of firewood to warm up your space. Pellet stoves have been proved to be the best option for homes owing to the little quantity of compressed wood required to keep a fire going for a long time. Our pellet stoves in Monroe County, which use an electric energy source to mimic the scent of burning wood, are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and simple to maintain. For a free quote on pellet stove installation, contact Home & Leisure Lifestyles now.

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