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Since 2003, Home & Leisure Lifestyles has been the trusted source for chimney cleaning and repairs for homes and businesses in the Belleville, Illinois area. Owner, Tom Vice, has more than 18 years of experience in the industry and can help you with a myriad of chimney, fireplace, and stove installation and repair services. As a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild and Chimney Safety Institute of America, you can trust our team to provide quality chimney care with every job. We are a home-based chimney cleaning and repair business with an emphasis on the service and maintenance of hearth appliances and venting systems. Contact us today for quality chimney services that always keep family values in mind.
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Services we offer

Our team is committed to performing quick and reliable chimney services to ensure that your property is safe and clean for years to comes. See for yourself why we’ve been awarded a Better Business Bureau’s A+ rating. We offer the following chimney and fireplace services:

chimney sweep cleaning company near belleville illinois

Chimney Cleaning in Belleville Illinois

Our experts at Home & Leisure Lifestyles specialize in quality chimney inspection and chimney cleaning services for residential homes in Belleville, IL. Often with consistent use, debris and thick layers of soot become built up in your chimney, making it easier for smoke to flow back into your home or even start a fire if not taken care of properly. Thankfully, our chimney cleaning services include the removal of harmful debris buildup along with a detailed clean-up of the inside of your chimney. You can trust our professionals to keep your home’s fireplace safe and clean for years to come. Give us a call today to schedule your next chimney cleaning at (618) 806-6143.

Duct Cleaning in Belleville Illinois

When it comes to keeping your air duct system clean, the professionals at Home & Leisure Lifestyles in Belleville, IL take their job very seriously. Our professional will arrive at your home and perform a pre-inspection to examine the level of debris and dust in your vents as well as the efficiency of your current ventilation system. After inspection, our experts will choose the best method to clean your ducts as fast and efficiently as possible, regardless of the severity of debris buildup. After we begin cleaning, our team will use modern equipment to vacuum every inch of your ducts to ensure that nothing is left behind and conclude the visit with a final examination. Give us a call today to schedule an air duct cleaning!

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Fireplace in Belleville Illinois

There’s no doubt that a gorgeous brick fireplace in your living room is the epitome of comfort. If you are wanting to replace your current fireplace or are wanting to have one installed before the first snowfall, we’re the perfect team for the job! For more than 18 years, our professionals at Home & Leisure Lifestyles in Belleville, IL have been installing a wide range of modern fireplaces in local homes. With so many design options and customizations to select from, our experts can assist you in finding the ideal fireplace for you and your home. Not only do our fireplaces increase the resale value of your house, but they also help you save money on monthly energy costs and are sustainable for the environment. Call today for more information on our quality fireplaces.

Wood Stoves in Belleville Illinois

Home & Leisure Lifestyles is here to help you find the appropriate wood stove for your home in Belleville, IL. Whether you’re wanting to replace your old wood stove or install a new one to keep your home warm this winter, our wood stoves help to minimize pollution and dangerous gasses created by furnaces, while helping you save money on your overall heating costs.  Our staff has a wide range of wood stove sizes and shapes to choose from, so you can find the right fit for your home’s aesthetic and heating requirements. Give us a call now for a free quote on your next installation service. Our wood stove installation experts replace any fire-containing structures in your home in Belleville, IL.

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Gas Log Stoves in Belleville Illinois

Traditional wood-burning stoves and fireplaces are beautiful and provide many benefits to your house, but they are also time-consuming to maintain. Luckily, our Belleville, IL experts at Home & Leisure Lifestyles have the ideal solution for when you want a fireplace without the bother. Our gas log stoves save homeowners time and money by eliminating the need for routine maintenance and cleaning, as well as being more environmentally friendly and safer than a traditional wood-burning fireplace. We guarantee that if you do not find a traditional style that works for your home, our team will introduce you to the variety of options that come with owning a gas log stove, making them a far better long-term option. For your next gas log stove installation service, call our professionals at (618) 651-0358.

Pellet Stoves in Belleville Illinois

A pellet stove is similar to a wood stove, only it burns compressed hardwood pellets that are less than an inch long, rather than logs of firewood. These pellets are manufactured from highly flammable materials like sawdust and wood waste that would otherwise be left to deteriorate. Following the insertion of the pellets, the stove heats up using an electric energy source to increase the temperature of the chamber and produce the smell of burning wood while avoiding the usage of firewood that creates harmful smoke and soot. Our pellet stoves are very energy-efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly. If you want a pellet stove installed in your Belleville, IL home, contact our certified specialists at Home & Leisure Lifestyles now for a free quote.

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