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Since 2003, Home & Leisure Lifestyles has been the leading choice for chimney cleaning and fireplace installation services in Alton, IL, and the surrounding areas. We are one of the only authorized dealers in the area to carry quality brands like White Mountain Hearth, Blaze King, Regency Fireplace Products, and Vermont Casting. Our team specializes in cleaning and restoring chimneys, wood stoves, pellet stoves, and even traditional gas log stoves while also providing quality chimney inspections. Whether your chimney has an abundance of debris built up on the inside of the chamber or it has been leaking water after heavy storms, our specialists are here to clean and repair your chimney as fast and efficiently as possible.

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Services we offer

Our team is committed to performing quick and reliable chimney services to ensure that your property is safe and clean for years to comes. See for yourself why we’ve been awarded a Better Business Bureau’s A+ rating. We offer the following chimney and fireplace services:

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Chimney Cleaning in Alton Illinois

Whether you own a residential or commercial chimney, Home & Leisure Lifestyles in Alton, IL is here to help you keep your chimney safe, clean, and ready for the winter! Annual chimney inspections and cleanings are vital to the proper function of your fireplace as well as the safety of your property. Not only do our cleaning services remove harmful debris from your chimney including creosote, but it will keep your chimney healthy and in working condition for decades to come! Our technicians utilize modern dust control methods along with grade A technology to guarantee a clean, finished product, regardless of the size or seriousness of the job. We are committed to providing all of our customers with prompt, attentive, and reliable services; give our team a call today at (618) 651-0358, and let us restore the look and function of your chimney in Alton, IL!

Duct Cleaning in Alton Illinois

Are you noticing a lack of efficiency in your home or business’s air duct systems? This could be due to a large quantity of dust and debris that is stuck in your vents, prohibiting air from traveling into your living spaces. When this happens, you can rely on our expert air duct and dryer vent specialists at Home & Leisure Lifestyles in Alton, IL. We have decades of experience preventing fires due to clogged air vents, so give us a call today and we will conduct a pre-inspection to determine the seriousness of your vent cleaning job. After we have cleaned the inside of your vents using top-of-the-line technology, we will conduct a final inspection to make sure that your vents are spotless before we leave. To ensure the health and safety of your ventilation system, contact our staff today to schedule your first air duct cleaning service.

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Fireplace in Alton Illinois

There’s nothing more comforting than a solid brick fireplace in the winter to keep you and your family warm. Whether you’re wanting to replace your broken furnace with a more modern design or are looking to install one in your living room, you can count on our experts at Home & Leisure Lifestyles! We have years of experience installing and maintaining fireplaces in homes and businesses throughout Alton, IL, and the surrounding areas. Our fireplace professionals will help you choose the perfect shape, size, and style of fireplace to compliment your family home without breaking the bank. Not only do our name-brand fireplaces help increase your property value, but they also provide a comforting ambiance that can’t be achieved by a powerful furnace. Our fireplaces are energy-efficient, sustainable, and the perfect investment to transform the look and feel of your property. Call today for a free estimate!

Wood Stoves in Alton Illinois

With over 18 years of experience assisting Alton, IL residents with quality stove and fireplace installation options, Home & Leisure Lifestyles is here to ensure you get the perfect wood stove for your residence. Our wood stove options not only reduce pollution and save you money on your monthly energy bill, but they come in a variety of shapes and styles to suit any homeowner’s style and preference. When it comes to helping you find a wood stove, we take into account the heating requirements needed to provide warmth to your entire home. For a free estimate on your wood stove installation service, give our team a call today at (618) 651-0358 and we will conduct an inspection to determine the perfect space for your new fireplace system. Trust our professionals for quality wood stove installation services today!

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Gas Log Stoves in Alton Illinois

While traditional wood-burning stoves are the epitome of a cozy home, our gas log stoves are the perfect choice for home and business owners that aren’t looking to deal with the soot and routine maintenance. Not only do gas log stoves save you time and money by using a separate heat source that is much more controlled, but it is also safer and easier to maintain than traditional wood-burning stoves. Home & Leisure Lifestyles in Alton, IL has a variety of gas log stoves for you to choose from when looking for a reliable and affordable fireplace option for your residence. Avoid the mess and choose a more long-term solution when you invest in our gas log stoves! Call today at (618) 651-0358 to schedule your fireplace installation service by our professionals.

Pellet Stoves in Alton Illinois

Although pellet stoves are visibly similar to wood stoves, they generate heat in many different ways that make them unique and highly desirable to home and business owners. Traditional wood stoves use logs of firewood to produce fire, while pellet stoves used compressed wood pellets made of wood waste and sawdust to generate heat. It has been proven that pellet stoves are the ideal choice for homeowners due to the small amount of compressed wood needed to keep a fire burning for an extended time. Using an electric energy source to produce the smell of burning wood, our pellet stoves in Alton, IL are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and overall easy to maintain. Call Home & Leisure Lifestyles today for a free estimate on your pellet stove installation service.